We own/operate the MōVI M10 & M15.  The M10 works with cameras up to 12lbs and the M15 up to 15lbs.
Thus, anything from a GoPro to an Alexa M or Sony F55 and everything in between.  Samples below:

New Relic - newrelic.com - M10 w/ Red Epic

Manzi & Planet Granite, the M10 and 5dMiii

M10 on travel jib w/ 5dmiii, Yountville Planning Association

Fiat - Canon 5d on M10 w/ travel jib in Mini convertible

extra footage from Mission Bikes "Lumen" project

behind the scenes with the M10 on a travel jib

Stills from Movi projects

stills from Mission Bikes "Lumen" project

Movi configurations:  M10 & M15
Red Epic, F55, Blackmagic 4k, Canon 5dmiii